Extraordinary events in challenging environments.

Here's how we do it:

Meetings & Conventions

Aquarian manages all aspects of live events and provides services from pre-meetings through post-conventions. We provide the audio, video and theatrical lighting; hire & manage labor in union/non-union venues and book a wide range of guest and keynote speakers. We create theme graphics, PowerPoint & Keynote presentations and provide custom video production and professional scripting services. We also book every level and genre of entertainment, from the best local performers to world-famous celebrity acts.

Live Entertainment

Aquarian produces concerts featuring some of the hottest names in music today and our management style and methodology are designed to ensure success every time. Our key personnel are an eclectic team of professionals from every segment of the high-level event production industry. This gives Aquarian total control and oversight of every project, allowing us to cover each phase of production and provide a truly turnkey experience. Aquarian makes booking and producing world-class entertainment easy and dependable by providing and managing staging, sound, lighting, video, scenic designs and floor plans. We can even payroll all labor - in any venue and in any country. And all of this production horsepower is scalable, so even events with more modest budgets can benefit from the efficiencies Aquarian delivers.

Creative Services

At Aquarian, meeting our clients’ goals is more than simply ticking off items on a checklist. While our technical expertise can provide the muscle to build an event, it’s our creative services that give it meaning, resonance and life far beyond the night of the production itself. The most important aspect of every event, from sales meetings in Las Vegas to concerts in Central Park, is to connect with the audience. A message; a call to action; a show of community; a celebration… The entire production pipeline exists for the sole purpose of connecting the audience with the stage and making that experience unforgettable.

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