5 Tech Trends Changing the Game in 2017

We’re two months into 2017 and cool tech is emerging left and right. We take pride in staying on the pulse of new technology and when it comes to event production—it’s necessary! Here are five tech trends that are shaking things up in 2017.

More LED Lighting

In the past, Par lights were exclusively used to have banks of lights in blue and red. Now, with LEDS, it’s fewer instruments, it’s more flexible, it can move as you wish and it can create in any color! Need more perspective? A rig of 64 lights can do what a rig of 200 used to do. LED lights also require less power. This is a huge advantage considering the high expense levels in many venues— it really helps keeps costs down! Less lighting instruments means less overall power and lower truss weight for more flexible rigging capability. It’s great for older buildings and unique venues that can’t carry the weight.

Drone Technology

Drones are everywhere. They make videos cooler and they make your guests look like celebrities. When it comes to events, the eye in sky camera position allows drones to effectively live stream or record video. And, it catches extraordinary angles that you just can’t get from ordinary camera placement. Take the show Gold Rush on Discovery Channel, for example. Using electric drone technology, the camera crew is able to produce high-quality aerial content for the show. You can read about the film crew’s experience! Disadvantages? There are some safety concerns when flying drones over the heads of a live audience. Safety is number one, but for capturing cool video angles, drones lead the way.

Virtual Reality

VR is hot, hot, hot. Several clients want this tool for their event needs. Why? The applications are endless. Consider a press conference in the automotive industry. You can shoot the interior of the car in advance, then pass out VR headsets and the press can virtually walk through the car and explore while being educated on its features. (It’s better than looking at slideshows!) Now consider a trade show booth. Instead of a large booth setup, they can have a smaller booth footprint and use VR displays and headsets to demonstrate products with new customer groups. Guests simply move their head around to look in different directions. The 360-degree camera approach is really changing the game!

It’s also a great tool for visualizing a show. New software products exist that allow a client to walk through a narration of how the event would look. It’s great for planning, for use at a live event and for selling product.

Wide Screen Video

Video is going wide! We’re no longer seeing 9:16, but 9:32 or 9:64. These days, video screens can be used as scenery at an event, and it’s a successful technique! We’re talking beautiful, incredibly high resolution products in live scale. We produced a product launch for Freightliner Trucks with a screen size of 15:100. This allowed us to display a full size tractor trailer on the screen! It fills your vision span completely, even your peripheral view. Wide screen has really shaken things up!

Auto tune

It’s perhaps the more controversial of tech trends, but autotune is becoming a standard tool—especially for live performances. We’re in the business of live shows and we support it! Honestly, it just makes things sound better. Something you might not have considered: autotune is great for aging singers. You show up to see your favorite rock band from the 70’s and this tool helps them sound how you remember. So don’t knock it!

Can tech get any cooler? Of course it can! Isn’t that the point? What tech trends are your eyes on in 2017?

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