Company Spotlight: Bite Me Cancer

We’ve got an inspiring story for you.

Aquarian, a Shepard Company is proud to support Nikki Ferraro, a brave teen who started Bite Me Cancer® Foundation after being diagnosed with Sporadic Medullary Thyroid Cancer—a rare form— at the age of 17.

She founded Bite Me Cancer in September 2010 with the mission to fight cancer through research, education and inspiration. Bite Me Cancer has two main goals: provide support and inspiration to teenagers with cancer and raise research dollars and awareness about thyroid cancer.

Inspired by her lack of support during diagnosis and treatment and the realization of a support gap between pediatric and adult programs, she knew other teens would benefit from teen-specific support. She also aims to alleviate the need for more treatment options for thyroid cancer patients through fundraising and awareness.

Our favorite part of the story is the cheeky name, Bite Me Cancer, and the attitude it creates for people experiencing cancer. Post diagnosis, Nikki led a Relay for Life team and gave it the sassy name. The feedback was successful and so was the team, becoming the #1 online fundraiser in the southeast region of American Cancer Society! The name stuck and the support is sticking too.So, how can you get involved?

Visit and learn how you can become a sponsor, join a fundraising team, donate or volunteer!


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