Our Favorite Special Event Locations

Extraordinary events just don’t happen in ordinary event spaces. The location and venue can make or break an event. As a theatrical entertainment company, our favorite event spaces are ones that lend themselves to our style of production.

That brings us to a few of our favorite event locations:

1. Hard Rock—Las Vegas
We’ve found that using a legitimate theatre space is far superior to a convention center. Surprised? Let’s talk about the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. Complete with dressing room facilities, PA sound, lighting, video and catering (buffet style nonetheless), this space most definitely fits our style of production. The theatre has excellent performance space for bands and can hold 2,000–3,000 people. Not to mention, it’s much less expensive to rent this space and add needed production enhancements, than it is to create from scratch in a hotel ballroom or convention center.

Other elements already in place include proper acoustical treatment, security and ticketing. We’ve produced a variety of events in this space from private shows for the Gin Blossoms to pre- and post-parties for large events like the ACM Awards. Hard Rock Las Vegas has the essential components needed to make the event planning process smooth and efficient, all while being reasonably priced.

2. Hard Rock—Orlando
Didn’t expect to see Hard Rock again? Guess again! Orlando’s location again far outweighs its competition. We’ve produced large shows like Lady Antebellum with full onsite production and still it was substantially less expensive than alternative venues.

While working in event spaces like this, we have found that a great formula is to sell corporate sponsorships and have low ticket prices to cover the organizers cost. We also believe events with branded entertainment and live shows are much more fun for associates than a generic hotel ballroom dinner.

3. USS Midway Museum—San Diego
This event space is open to the public during the day, but private events can be arranged for evening hours. For events taking place in this area, the location is prime. It’s close to the convention center and downtown hotels, making shuttle transportation quick and affordable.

This location makes it easy to bring in catering and production companies to handle full staging logistics and entertainment choices. Docents are available through the museum to conduct tours and descriptions of the ship and flight operations during its service to the country. We used this component in the past and attendees loved it. One event even included full production with The Eagles!

These are just a few of our favorite event spaces. What are some of your favorite special event locations? We want to hear your recommendations.

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